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Is It Time To Replace Your Air Conditioner?

Just like every other utility, the air conditioner also has “life path”. It is not eternal, so sooner or later you`ll need to change it. And it is not only because it is not working, but because many other reasons such as energy efficiency and worsened air quality.
Basically there are three main aspects, which you need to observe. They will help you decide whether or not it`s time to replace the old air-conditioner with a new one. These are efficiency, operation and maintenance.

Energy efficient AC system will save you money over time

If you have some concerns about the energy efficiency of your air conditioner, consult a specialist and they will tell you whether or not it is worth replacing it with a new one. Don`t procrastinate – you might be wasting money!

Repairs over time may cost more than a modern unit

In general it looks like that sometimes it`s better to repair the AC system, rather than replacing it. However do the math carefully – it is possible that you are spending too much on repairs!

Regular maintenance will make the AC system live longer

Many people underestimate the importance of regular preventive maintenance, but it could not only help you save huge amount of money, but increase the average life of your system. If your air conditioner has not been maintained regularly, it may not be working properly.

Always call a professional

No matter if it comes for AC maintenance or installation, never go for uncertified technicians – this could cost you a fortune. If you live in Phoenix metropolitan area, the answer is Delta BAP. We have over 28 years of experience, thousands of happy clients and NATE Certified technicians!

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Delta BAP home video, HVAC and Plumbing services AZ

“This is the text from the video above”

Delta BAP offers a wide variety of services from plumbing and air conditioning repairs, air conditioning maintenance, system installations and energy efficiency testing.

We employ NATE certified technicians that get the best up to date training. We are ACCA members, Better Business Bureau and we are APS and SRP certified contractors for energy efficiency testing and analysis. Through the home performance with energy star program we value the home as a system and help you identify areas that need improvement and contribute to discomfort.

Once the selected home improvements have been made the consultant will return to retest the homes performance, which will confirm to the home owner that the work is done properly, there was a great investment and that the home is more energy efficient.

We offer free estimates for system installation. You can find us online. You can give us a call. Please mention you saw this video in Kudzu and we will be happy to give you 10% discount on any future services.

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Why Air Conditioning is Necessary at Home and the Office

In the past, air conditioning systems has been considered a luxurious appliance, not affordable for most of the people, but thankfully, things has changed dramatically, especially during the last 20 years.

The air conditioning industry is well-developed and there are systems to match a certain client`s needs and their budget.

Air conditioning necessary at winters and summers

The AC systems are important during the summer, as well as during the winter, as the handle the inside temperature and humidity levels precisely, in order to provide the necessary comfort required.

Healthier condition with air conditioning

Air conditioning is necessary at home – for a nice and healthy stay, at work – for a better work efficiency and at the car – for a comfortable ride. If you are not using air conditioning in any of these places, you might have noticed this affects your health, mood and general condition. Normal, comfortable temperature is of greatest importance, when it comes to well-being, so more and more people tend not to underestimate its power and manage to appreciate its advantages and the benefits an AC system could bring.

Air conditioning benefits

The modern air-conditioners are energy efficient, so they can significantly reduce the electricity bills

Air conditioners take care of the air quality, control the humidity and purify the air

AC systems provide comfort and help you relieve stress and tension

Make the right choice when it comes to air conditioning

Choosing an air-conditioner should not be a blind choice, that’s why it is very important to contact a HVAC service company, experienced in service, repair and maintenance, which will be able to discuss everything that bothers you and come up with a solution, which meets you requirement. If you live in Phoenix metropolitan area and look for air conditioning advice, definitely call Delta BAP. We have over 28 years of experience, lots of completed projects(domestic and commercial air conditioning) and highly trained, certified technicians.

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What is Ductless Air Conditioning

Today we live in the world of technology, where our days are marked by our cell phones, Internet connection, elevators and of course – air conditioning.

Air conditioning is not very old technology, but it is very important for our health and comfort during the ever-changing seasons.

In the early ears of air conditioning

At the beginning the air conditioning facilities were huge and heavy, but thankfully the air conditioning systems similar to the ones we use today appeared after the Second World War. Now in 21st century, people have a great choice of air conditioning systems for their homes or commercial building.

Ductless air conditioning these days

The ductless air conditioning is not so heavy and it is portable – important qualities for a technical invention these days. They`ve become quite popular in a very short period of time. What`s more ductless air conditioning proved to be more energy efficient, which will help you save energy and reduce the electricity bills. They are a very good, cost-effective solution for those on a limited budget.

Ductless air conditioners are also known as split or multi-split AC systems. They can be hanged on any wall, without being necessary to punch your walls, as with the traditional window air conditioning systems.
Ductless air-conditioners are energy efficient, cost effective and work flawlessly, providing comfortable atmosphere and healthy air in home or at the office.

Ductless air conditioning services

If you are interested in more details about the ductless air conditioners and how they work, please call the Delta BAP experts. We provide high quality air conditioning service and repair in Phoenix metropolitan area!


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Air-conditioning benefits

Air-conditioning benefits in many ways. Many people think they will find a proper way to cool down their home during the summer and warm it during the winter and they prefer not to invest in a HVAC system.

However, in the long run they`ll realize this is a mistake. Here we`ve gathered together some of the best benefits an AC system could bring. Check them and think about your convenience, comfort and electricity bills.

Air-conditioning and comfort

Let`s face it – there is nothing to provide comfort better than an AC system. You just need to set the temperature and it will take care of the rest. It could also control the humidity levels and air quality.

Lower Electricity bills

You may think that AC system means higher electricity bills, but in general you are wrong. Most of the modern HVAC systems are energy efficient and will also help you lower the bills and save some money to surprise your family.

Air-conditioning increases human efficiency

It has been proved that people, who work in comfortable atmosphere are much more efficient than those who are too hot, too cold or distracted by the outside noise, because they need to open the window to adjust the temperature in the room. An AC system eliminates all the issues and provides pure comfort.

Air-conditioning helps some health conditions

Some illnesses such as allergies, sinuses and asthma could be influenced positively by an AC system, because it controlled the air-quality.

If you need an AC system installed at home or at your office, Delta BAP is the right solution!

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History and Impact of Air-conditioning

Air-conditioning as a complex technology is a XXth century invention, however attempts for controlling the temperature has been made from ancient times.
In this article, we are not going to go that far in the history, but we are eager to point out at some of the most important years for the air-conditioning development.

Air-conditioning in 1758

It has been discovered that alcohol evaporates faster than water and the process can cool an object enough to make the water freeze. The discovery has been made by Benjamin Franklin and Prof. John Hadley.

Air-conditioning in 1830

A machine, which uses compression to produce ice has been invented. We honor dr. John Gorrie, who patented the invention in 1851, but did not have the finance to take it to the market.

Air-conditioning in 1881

James Garfiels is considered to be the first president to try a form of air-conditioning, unfortunately after he has been shot by an assassin. Naval engineers constructed a machine, which was actually a box, full of cloth, soaked in cold water and a fan that blew hot air overhead to keep the cool air to the ground. The temperature was lowered to -5.5 C, but it consumed too much ice per month and was not very cost effective.

Air-conditioning in1902

It is the year, considered to put the beginning of modern air conditioning systems. Willis Carrier invented the so called”"Apparatus for Treating Air”. The machine blew air across cold coils which controlled room temperature as well as humidity.

Air-conditioning in 1931

An air conditioning unit for individual rooms has been invented by J.Q. Sherman and H.H Schultz. It has been designed to sat on a window ledge.

Air-conditioning in 1939

The first car air conditioners have been invented

Air-conditioning in 1950

The residential air conditioners became widely spread. They were very modern and luxury stock.

Air-conditioning in 1970`s

The dawn of ducted air conditioning systems. They used Freon-12 .

Air-conditioning in 1990`s

Freon has been banned in many countries, as considered to pose environmental risk. The first environmental-friendly AC systems appeared on the market.

Air-conditioning in 2000`s

The need for AC systems is huge. People prefer them as they are easy to operate with, provide the necessary comfort, come at a reasonable price and most of them are energy efficient.

If you need a HVAC system for your home or office and you live in Phoenix, Arizona, call Delta BAP now and consider your wish just came true!


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5 Signs That Your HVAC System is Endangered

Unfortunately the HVAC systems are not eternal, so sometimes they fail. In this case you have two options – paying endlessly for repairs or simply installing a new one. However, before making any of these decision, please make sure you`ve done your best to read the signs of your HVAC systems and enlarge its life to its maximum. These are 5 hints, which will show you that something might not be ok with the HVAC system, so please carry on reading.


1. The system is too old


If your system is 15 years (or more) old, then you need to seriously think about how to modernize it. First because it might crash and second – because it is not efficient enough.


2.Suspicious smells


If funny smells are coming out from your equipment, then you are probably having a problem. In this case you need to contact your HVAC service provider and they will help you resolve the issue. Don`t forget that such smells could be dangerous for your family.


3.Higher energy charges


If you notice a considerable difference in the electricity bills and they are getting higher and higher, the AC system could be the one to blame. Check its energy efficiency levels and calculate what is more worth it – repairing it or replacing it with a new one.


4.Strange noises from the inside


Any peculiar noises that come from the AC equipment should be examined by a certified technician, as they could be caused by many different reasons. Of course tech inventions make their own noises – just be careful for some, which are not standard.


5. Some rooms are too cold or too hot


If this is not what you want, then there is a problem. You need a HVAC system, which provides you with comfort throughout the entire house. So watch out and if you notice difference in temperature, humidity or dust levels, definitely call a professional to check the case.


If you live in Phoenix metropolitan area, then Delta BAP is your partner in the world of HVAC systems.

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Is Your HVAC System Ready For The Summer

So the summer is close and you need to check if your HVAC system is ready for it. First, because you don`t want huge bills and second, just because regular checks could save you lots of trouble in future.


In general air conditioning systems consist of:


A wall -mounted indoor unit


Air ducts


A wall mounted unit


Each of these parts, should be carefully examined and taken care of, in order to prevent failure or too high consumption.


5 tips to will help you a lot with maintaining your HVAC system in proper condition.


Get ready for the hot summer days in Phoenix, Arizona.


1. Inspect the filters and change if necessary. They are very important for the proper functioning of the air conditioner, as well as the indoor air quality.


2. Check the ductwork and all other piping. There should be no leaks or obstructions.


3.Think about a programmable thermostat. This will make the system more efficient. Don`t worry they don`t cost a fortune and they are pretty easy to use.


4.Allow at least 2 feet  of clear space around the exterior unit. This way the air will flow freely around the unit.


5. Check the Condensate Removal System. Condensation happens when warm air flows through the cooling coil. Test the switches before the summer – this will give you peace of mind.


These are the main things you can do at home. But remember – prevantive AC maintenance is important and you need to call an HVAC expert. The certified Delta BAP technicians will readily help, if you are located in Phoenix or Scottsdale, Arizona.

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Three Things to Keep in Mind with AC Repair

Sooner or later you AC systems comes to a point, where a ac repair is required, even if you`ve taken the best possible care of it. In this case, it is always best to have a reliable AC repair company by hand, because inexperienced, non-professional technicians could do more bad than good. Here are three things to keep in mind, when your AC system require repair services.


The different forms of air-conditioning


For many people AC systems are all the same, however this is a wrong assumption, as there is a wide variety of air-conditioning forms. It is important to know your air-conditioning type, because this will help the technician locate the problem quickly and easily. If you are not sure, call the company that installed the AC system, or look at the documentation provided.


Always call an expert for AC repair


Actually the handy man next door is not a good idea, when it comes to air-conditioning repair. These are complex systems, which require the services of a professional, especially when it comes to AC repair. In Delta BAP for example, out fully-certified, experienced technician would quickly come and resolve the issue, without causing anymore harm, while this could not be guaranteed if you use the services of an AC enthusiast.


Maintenance is the key of preventing AC repair


We know that you are trying to save, but saving from your AC regular maintenance is not the key. AC maintenance could prevent many serious issues with the system, which could cost you a small fortune if not dealt with them in time.

Never underestimate such services, as they exist for a reason.

It is always better to pay a small fee and know the AC system is working properly, rather than rely on the odds and end up with a huge trouble!

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Air Conditioning Filter: Essential Part of Heating and Air Conditioning

If you own an air conditioning system you probably know that filters are among the basic parts you need to clean and change regularly. The function of the filter is to purify the air that goes through the air conditioning system so that in the end we do not breathe dirty air. You will not get the very best of your central air conditioning if there is a problem with the filter because all its other parts depend on it.
With the time passing things will only worsen and your cooling system will start spending much more energy than it used to so you will spend more money on your energy bills while at the same time you will most probably not be satisfied by the final result.


Air conditioning maintenance

You need to check what type of air conditioning you do have at home and find out how often you have to change its filter because there are some which might endure a couple of months but some endure only about a couple of weeks or even days.


No matter that you might not notice the dust particles, they are somewhere there and the routine maintenance may prevent you and your family from developing allergies.


Air conditioning filters

When you go buying filters you will see there is a kind of rating- the higher the rating, the more effective it is at removing dirty particles in the air.

There are conventional fiberglass disposable filters: used in most homes and small industrial air conditioners and commercial air conditioning systems:


Pleated fiberglass disposable filters

Used in many residential and commercial buildings.


Electrostatic filters

These create a static charge that collects any dust in the filter.


Electronic filters

Need to be connected to an electrical power source;


Carbon filters

Good if you have pets as they remove the odor problems.

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